Pure Gir Cow Milk

Pure Gir Cow Milk is an initiative of Gomatha Shree Dairy Products, started with the prime motive of providing pure and nature Gir Cow Milk (also called A2 Milk) to the milk consumers of this country. We ensure that our Gir Cow Milk is unadulterated and is extracted from the cows in the most hygienic manner. The A2 protein milk from the Gircows is different from the regular A1 protein milk and comes with a lot of nutritional value consisting of Omega 3 & 6, Vitamins, Calcium, Minerals, Iodine, Magnesium, antioxidant Beta-Carotene and many more.

Pure Gir Cow Milk

Established in the year of 2016, we have pledged to provide Hygienic and Pure Gir Cow Milk to India. Thus our PURE GIRCOW MILK is known for its quality and Nutritional value.

Why Gir Cow Milk?

Our Dairy Farm

Gir Cow milk is naturally extracted from the cow in a hygienic manner which helps in maintaining the quality and authenticity of the milk thus retaining High nutritional value.

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Our Milk Products

We offer High-Quality Ghee extracted from Premium Gir Cow Milk. This Ghee has a high shelf life and thus can be used over a long span of time when compared to regular household Ghee.

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Nutritional Value

Gir Cow milk helps in maintaining fertility, Vitality, strengths of the overall body thus making it a must-have for breakfast especially for children.

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About Us

Our Story

Pure Gir Cow milk, is an initiative taken by Gomatha Shree Dairy Products. The founder is a conscious thought leader, who loves nature and animals. In the goal of providing healthy milk and milk products to his peer group, the journey of Pure Gir Cow milk began.

Benefits of GirCow Milk




Pure Gir Cow milk, unadulterated and extracted in hygienic animal-friendly conditions


Ghee extracted from the milk of the Finest Gir Cow’s, which has a high shelf life and strong nutritional values.

Client Speaks

I am happy that my child is drinking milk which isn’t adulterated and I am at peace that his daily calcium intake is satisfied.
-Srivani, Home Maker