Desi Gir cow ghee

There is a saying in the world that consuming ghee is not good for health and that it accumulates fat in our body. The statement is diplomatic and it is both true and false. The truth is that the ghee prepred from desi cows has good fats where as the ghee prepared from other cross breed cows has not so good fats.

There are a lot of health benefits of consuming desi gir cow ghee and here are the most important of the benefits

  • 1.Gir cow ghee consists of Vitamin A2, E and D with Omega3 which helps all of us to maintain a healthy life style without the need to take unnecessary nutritional supplements
  • 2.Gir cow ghee helps in slowing down the Ageing process and also helps in making the voice soft and clear
  • 3.The ghee from gir cow milk treats sleeplessness very well and also helps in treating obesity issues
  • 4.This ghee helps in excellent blood circulation and also helps in reducing the bad cholesterol from our body
  • 5.Gir cow ghee is also used in medical practice to treat certain conditions like improving the memory of kids and also helps in handling ulcers, constipation etc
  • 6.This ghee contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) that helps reduce weight by handling the belly fat.

There are a lot more benefits of consuming ghee produced by Desi gir cows and if you would like to get benefited and want to make a purchase do contact us using the phone number and email address listed on our website and one of our representatives will help you with buying our product and deliver at your door step